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Chose The Right Tv !

Author: Marc Crohn

Quite unlike the conventional CRT TV that came in limited sizes and had to be accommodated in a specific way, flat panel LCD TVs and rear projection televisions can be wall mounted or placed on the floor, depending on space available. Select the right TV based on the size that will fit in your room.

LCD Wall Mount and Floor
A flat panel LCD or plasma TV can be hung on the wall, after considering viewing position. If it is a heavy TV it might not be a good idea to try to fix it on the plaster directly. A wall mount TV is suitable when you have sufficient space.
Suppose you don't have the wall space to wall mount your TV, go for an LCD or plasma TV with a stand. Rear projection TVs can also be freestanding and are less expensive than LCDs and Plasma TVs. Your rear projection TV can come in huge sizes like 70 inches and it can even come HDTV ready. Their weight is similar to plasma TVs though the technologies differ.

Big Screens
The general choice when choosing big screens is between flat panel plasma TVs and the more affordable rear projection DLP TVs manufactured by Toshiba, Panasonic, Samsung, RCA and Mitsubishi. Screen size starts from 42" and onwards. The technology used is digital light projection, producing images that have deep blacks for good contrast. To watch these TVs, you'll need to sit in such a way that you are directly in front of your TV to be able to experience the best picture in terms of brightness and contrast.
Rear-projection LCDs on the other hand are thin and light with great picture quality. The pictures however, tend to be dark at times and the black reproduced by them is not the best black. Rear Projection CRT is considered yesterday's technology bigger and bulkier sets. Picture quality can be better than even LCD or DLP televisions in high definition rear projection CRT sets.

Get The TV That Fits Your Room
First, measure the spot where you want your TV. Get the length, depth and width. Home entertainment systems need empty space on either side as well. Remember, your TV need not fill the entire area. To maximize space usage, decide on the right screen size. Different screen sizes suit different rooms. So, if you have a small room, flat panel LCDs in the range of 15 to 21 inches or CRT tubes TV in the same size range, portable TVs and combos that include TV, DVD, VCRs are ideal. If your room is narrow, consider a rear projection TV or a flat panel LCD or plasma television. Big rooms can take larger sized LCD TVs, rear projection TVs, and wide screen plasma TVs.
What used to be a matter of just making a decision on price range while buying a Television set has now become a challenge, making a decision between different kinds of technologies. While price and size still make all the difference, picture quality has come a long way with DVD quality and high definition signals in the market. You need to look at whether the picture quality you saw at the retailer's store is the same when you view the TV in your home.

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